Display Names on mail enabled public folders in Exchange 2013

Fun fact, you can have a different display for the same public folder if it’s mail enabled

[PS] Get-PublicFolder "\Market Data Services\MDS Bills" | Select Identity, Name | Ft -AutoSize
Identity                        Name
--------                        ----
\Market Data Services\MDS Bills MDS Bills
[PS] Get-MailPublicFolder "\Market Data Services\MDS Bills" | Select Identity, Alias, Displayname, name | FT -AutoSize
Identity                                                        Alias       DisplayName   Name
--------                                                        -----       -----------   ----
contso.com/Microsoft Exchange System Objects/OLD MDS Bills OLDMDSBILLS OLD MDS Bills OLD MDS Bills

This happens because the mail enabled object is an object that resides in AD in the Microsoft Exchange System Objects OU, while the standard folder is just a folder in the public folder mailboxes

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