Google to Motorola, these ARE the droids we’re looking for!


A few small observations and questions in the wake of Google’s announcement to acquire Motorola’s Mobility division:

  1. Each major mobile OS now has its own dedicated hardware manufacturer.
  2. This purchase gives Google a huge influx of patents. Are they hoping this new patent cache would scare off any new copyright lawsuits against Android?
  3. Why not HTC, the maker of the G1 and Nexus One? Did they not have enough intellectual property? Was this Google lashing out in the recent Patent wars with the extra bonus of having a dedicated handset and tablet maker?
  4. While on the subject of HTC, what happens to the all the agnostic handset makers? Samsung, HTC, LG, etc. probably didn’t worry too much when Microsoft partnered with Nokia but they must be worried about their mobile handset plans after this announcement
  5. On a recent Engadget podcast it was mentioned how most non-tech enthusiast refer to Android handsets as Droid handsets, now at least they won’t be wrong.

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