Issues installing Windows Admin Center on Windows Server 2016

At my Job we have been playing around with Windows Admin Center, and while it’s pretty neat it has been a pain to install. We ran into multiple issues trying to get it to properly install in Gateway Mode on our Windows Servers 2016 management host that weren’t called out in the troubleshooting steps. Here are the steps we had to go through in order to get it to actually install

  1. You can’t install it over Remote Desktop
  2. You must have the following services enabled and running
    1. Windows Update
    2. Windows firewall

The last two were interesting since they aren’t really called out during the install. They are sorta called out in in the install log, but it’s not obvious that it’s directly related to the services not being enabled and running. Hopefully this helps out anyone else who has issues installing it on Windows server 2016.

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