Properly scoping get-inboxrule for a custom RBAC role group

After creating a custom RBAC role in Exchange for our help desk so that they could handle simpler end user requests like mailbox size, conference room permissions, etc. after deploying it we got reports that the get-inboxrule command was not working as expected and was throwing a “You may need elevated permissions. isn’t within your current write scopes. Can’t perform save operation.” Error whenever a member of the help desk ran that command against another user. At first we weren’t exactly sure what the issue was because roles like “View-Only recipients” (which was one of the roles that was used to create the custom role group) seemed to be in the right scope for other commands. After some searching we came across a blog post by Pawet Jarosz explaining the problem. So we needed to recreate the role group with a new management role for get-inboxrule that was in the proper scope. Once we did that our help desk was now able to properly view other user’s inbox rules. Below is the custom role group we created

Add all the Get and test commands from “View-Only Configuration”
New-ManagementRole –Name “Helpdesk View-Only Configuration” –Parent “View-Only Configuration”
Get-ManagementRoleEntry “Helpdesk View-Only Configuration*” |
Where Name -notmatch ‘(Get)|(Test)|(Write-AdminAuditLog)|(Start-AuditAssistant)(Get-InboxRule)’ |
Remove-ManagementRoleEntry -Confirm:$False
Add all the Get and test commands from “View-Only recipients”
New-ManagementRole –Name “Helpdesk View-Only recipients” –Parent “View-Only recipients”
Get-ManagementRoleEntry ” Helpdesk View-Only recipients*” |
Where Name -notmatch ‘(Get)|(Test)|(Write-AdminAuditLog)|(Start-AuditAssistant)(Get-InboxRule)’ |
Remove-ManagementRoleEntry -Confirm:$False
Add all the Get and test commands from “Monitoring”
New-ManagementRole –Name “Helpdesk Monitoring” –Parent “Monitoring”
Get-ManagementRoleEntry ” Helpdesk Monitoring*” |
Where Name -notmatch ‘(Get)|(Test)|(Write-AdminAuditLog)|(Start-AuditAssistant)(Get-InboxRule)’ |
Remove-ManagementRoleEntry -Confirm:$False
Get-Inbox rules has scope issues so we need to create a separate role for that
New-ManagementRole –Name “Helpdesk View Inbox Rules” –Parent ‘Mail Recipients’
Get-ManagementRoleEntry ” Helpdesk View Inbox Rules*” |
Where Name -notmatch ‘Get-InboxRule’ |
Remove-ManagementRoleEntry -Confirm:$False
$GroupSplat = @{
Name = ‘Helpdesk Exchange Tasks’
Roles = @(” Helpdesk View-Only Configuration”, ” Helpdesk View-Only recipients”, ” Helpdesk Monitoring”, ” Helpdesk View Inbox Rules”)
Description = ” specific collection of cmdlets needed for view only Exchange management”
members = @(“Global Helpdesk”)
New-RoleGroup @GroupSplat

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